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    1. Your museums are now open and we can't wait to see you!

      The good news doesn’t stop there – all our sites, including Kelham Island Museum and Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, are now FREE ENTRY!

      We’re really looking forward to welcoming you back with new exhibitions and displays, as well as all your museum favourites. You’ll find all the info you need to plan and your visit at http://m.xweucp.icu/welcome-back


      Read more about us

      Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

      Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

      Shepherd Wheel Workshop

      Shepherd Wheel Workshop

      Kelham Island Museum

      Kelham Island Museum

      What's on

      Lunchtime Talk: A Saucy Tale - A History of Henderson's Relish

      Hear the true and remarkable history of Sheffield’s favourite sauce in this free lunchtime talk.

      Tour: Benjamin Huntsman's Crucible Steel

      Take a tour of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet and find out about Benjamin Huntsman’s industry-changing invention of the crucible steel method.

      Lunchtime Tour: Women of Steel

      Find out about the women who shaped Sheffield’s metalwork industry in this special guided tour of Kelham Island Museum.

      Talk: Joseph Elliot – The Cutlers with Four Pages of Trademarks

      Find out about Joseph Elliot & Sons, a Sheffield firm that manufactured table cutlery, palette knives, scissors and razors.

      What we do


      Our collections showcase Sheffield's industrial heritage, from early industrialisation to modern times.

      Learning & Groups

      Bring Learning to Life with exciting activities for all ages, from Adults and Groups to Schools and Families.

      Weddings & Venue Hire

      Something New, Somewhere Old. Choose our unique locations for unforgettable experiences.


      SIMT aims to provide physical access and inclusive information and interpretation to enhance the experience of all our visitors

      Get Involved

      There are many ways to get involved with our museums and heritage sites as a volunteer, community partner or family!